Where to Buy Dragonfruit

If you are looking to find where to buy dragon fruit in the United States, you can usually find where to buy dragon fruit as the dried dragon fruit more easily than you can find where to buy dragon fruit fresh. This disparity between buying fresh dragon fruit and dried dragon fruit arises because of stringent import restrictions and may limit your ability to buy dragon fruit fresh in the US, but a spot to look where to buy dragon fruit dried and also where to to buy fresh dragonfruit cactus fruit may still be at your local organic produce market. For the same reasons finding where to buy dragon fruit online to have it shipped into the United States is difficult, but not impossible. One of of the great sources where to buy dragon fruit in the US is actually the Trader Joe's market chain. While not as organic as it once was, Trader Joe's markets in the US are often a source of dried dragon fruit. Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit is a good place to buy dragon fruit dried. You can buy dragon fruit imported from Thailand if and when it is available at the Trader Joe's market chain this way. In fact, you can even sprout the dragon fruit seeds for growing dragon fruit seedlings and container grown dragon fruit cactus plants from this dried dragon fruit!  If you are looking where to buy red flesh dragonfruit, then Trader Joe's is a good bet inside the US. Buying dragon fruit in the US may not be as easy as elsewhere, but it isn't impossible. When you are at farmer's markets or in the US visiting an Asian market, remember to look around and if dragon fruit is not available immediately ask to order or to buy dried dragon fruit and fresh dragonfruit cactus fruit as well.

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