Planting Dragonfruit Cactus

Planting dragon fruit outdoors: Now is the final step in planting dragonfruit cactus, whether you have grown your dragonfruit from seeds or from dragonfruit cactus stem cuttings, you want to take the individual potted dragonfruit cactus and place them in their final location where the mature dragonfruit cactus plant will grow and mature to produce dragonfruit cactus fruit.

Note: These pages on dragon fruit planting methods are tuned to how to plant dragon fruit commercially, but if you are growing dragon fruit at home, everything still applies for planting dragon fruit as the single plant for the home dragon fruit grower.

Planting Dragonfruit Cactus | Soil

When planting dragon fruit cactus outdoors in its final location, as when you grew the dragonfruit seedlings from the original dragonfruit seeds, or propagated the dragonfruit cuttings to prepare the dragonfruit cactus for final planting, you want your…

Planting Dragonfruit Cactus | Location & Spacing

When planting dragon fruit at this stage, as you will not be moving the dragonfruit cactus after this final planting, make sure you plant the dragonfruit in an area that will have plenty of sun for the mature dragonfruit cactus! If you need to shade the…

Planting Dragonfruit Cactus | Mounding & Planting

Normal Planting of dragonfruit: When considering dragon fruit planting, the manner in which you plant dragonfruit cactus plants is not different from any other plant for the most part. Dig a hole at least 2-3 times the diameter of the root ball of the…

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