Dragon Fruit Cuttings | Stem Cutting Planting

Now that your dragon fruit cuttings have finished the so called 'curing' process and put out roots, you are ready to plant the cuttings to give them an outside source of water and nutrients beyond what is stored in the dragon fruit cactus cutting itself (during the 'curing' the dragon fruit cactus cutting's sole source of nutrients was its own internal stores).

If you simply think of your rooted dragon fruit stem cutting as a really big dragon fruit cactus seedling, then you know what to do next! You can pick up at the repotting step for the growing dragon fruit cactus from seeds directions, or if your climate and growing conditions for dragon fruit in your location are mild enough, you can do direct planting of the dragon fruit cuttings at their final location.

In any case, you can now plant the cuttings individually in pots (using a well drained soil medium as for the dragonfruit seedlings growing after repotting the dragonfruit seedlings), or plant the 'cured' dragonfruit stem cuttings directly outdoors at their final location in the dragonfruit orchard setting. The dragonfruit cuttings should develop a good root system within 6 months depending upon the conditions and soil properties.

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