Dragon Fruit Cuttings | Stem Cutting Method

Taking stem cuttings from dragonfruit cactus that are at least a year or more old, and strong and vigorous, and ideally having proven their ability to bloom and fruit abundantly producing high quality dragon fruits. To prepare a dragon fruit vine cutting or stem cutting, cut a whole stem segment of a minimum of 1/2 foot to ideally 1 foot or more, using a slanting cut. Take multiple stem cuttings from the same stem, and focus on the lower and middle portions of the stem (remember that the dragonfruit cactus from which you are taking the dragonfruit stem cuttings will continue to grow and replenish itself). Try to use a stem that is a few inches in diameter (> 2 inches). The bigger and more robust the stem cutting, with reason, the less stress this dragon fruit cutting will suffer as it is 'cured' (putting down roots) and grows into a new mature dragon fruit cactus, so it is better to err on the side of cutting a dragon fruit vine cutting that is a wee bit large rather than one that is too small and may dry up before it has a chance to put out roots successfully.

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