Dragonfruit Orchard | Irrigation Watering Dragonfruit Cactus Orchard

While avoiding over-watering of the dragon fruit cactus is key to the long term survival of the cactus plant, sufficient irrigation is essential to allow the dragon fruit cactus fruits to mature on the vine properly. There is a healthy balance to be struck as to when and how much to water the mature dragon fruit cactus plant.

Dragonfruit Orchard | Watering Dragonfruit Cactus

Water is Required but be Cautious: It can't be stated enough that the dragonfruit cactus will tolerate a period of dryness more than it will tolerate a period of excessive wetness! However, when the dragonfruit cactus is healthy and growing and producing…

Dragonfruit Orchard | Watering Dragonfruit Cactus to Bloom

Dragonfruit Cactus Bloom and Dragonfruit Cactus Fruit Production: For the dragonfruit cactus to bloom and fruit most abundantly, it is best to not water the dragonfruit cactus plant or water it very little in the time time before the dragonfruit cactus…

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