Dragonfruit Orchard | Fertilizer for Dragonfruit

So the dragon fruit planting is done finally! Once you have planted your dragonfruit plants and they are maturing in the new dragonfruit orchard, you will need to maintain a regular program of fertilization to keep them growing and producing fruit in quantity. Depending upon the amount of organic matter and richness of the soil you have available, you will need to use more or less fertilizer or compost throughout the year. A high density orchard planting may use a lot of soil nutrients.

Dragonfruit Orchard | Dragonfruit Fertilizer

If your soil is rich, or you added a substantial amount or compost when you initially planted the dragonfruit cactus plants, you likely will not need to fertilize again for several months (2-3 months before the first fertilization). However, after theā€¦

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