Maintaining the Commercial Dragonfruit Orchard

Once the dragonfruit plants you have grown from the dragonfruit seeds and seedlings or from dragonfruit cactus stem cuttings have been planted in their final location out of doors, you now need to help them get fully established and growing successfully in their new location. You will need to maintain the dragonfruit orchard by nourishing the dragonfruit cactus plants and pruning them appropriately over the years as they mature and (hopefully) produce lots of delectable dragon fruits.

Dragonfruit Orchard | Trellis Training & Pruning

The dragonfruit cactus plants in the dragonfruit orchard will need to be 'trained' to grow on the trellis and pruned to maximize fruiting and growth as well as to allow most easy access during the time of harvest of the dragon fruits. If the dragonfruit…

Dragonfruit Orchard | Fertilizer for Dragonfruit

So the dragon fruit planting is done finally! Once you have planted your dragonfruit plants and they are maturing in the new dragonfruit orchard, you will need to maintain a regular program of fertilization to keep them growing and producing fruit in…

Dragonfruit Orchard | Irrigation Watering Dragonfruit Cactus Orchard

While avoiding over-watering of the dragon fruit cactus is key to the long term survival of the cactus plant, sufficient irrigation is essential to allow the dragon fruit cactus fruits to mature on the vine properly. There is a healthy balance to be…

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