How to Grow Dragonfruit

Growing dragonfruit commercially is common in places like Thailand and Vietnam where the climate makes the dragon fruit growing conditions just right for growing dragonfruit cactus all the way successfully to fruit. The climate dragon fruit can grow in ideally is tropical - not so much desert-like (in spite of dragon fruit being a cactus plant). In growing dragonfruit cactus commercially, there are three most commonly cultivated varieties of dragonfruit, red dragon fruit with red flesh and red skin, dragon fruit with yellow skin and white flesh, and red dragon fruit with red skin and white flesh. All dragon fruit varieties have the flesh or dragonfruit pulp filled with lots of tiny black seeds which are edible with the fruit. So, how do dragon fruit grow? How do I grow a dragon fruit? Well, for hobbyists who want to grow dragonfruit cactus, there are lots more dragonfruit varieties than used by those who grow dragonfruit commercially. We'll talk about how dragon fruit is grown and harvested commercially, but if you want to experiment growing dragonfruit at home, often it is easy growing dragonfruit plants just from the seeds in dragonfruit you eat. Kids can have fun and learn how to grow dragon fruit in a pot starting from growing dragon fruit from seed. Growing dragonfruit is a fun project for kids, but bear in mind that commercial growing of dragonfruit is another story.

Growing Dragonfruit Commercially

Growing dragonfruit commercially is a serious endeavor in Asian countries like Thailand and Viet Nam. Farms specializing in dragonfruit growing in Asia and commercial dragonfruit growing in parts of Central America and South America serve both their…

How to Grow Dragonfruit at Home

A common question asked is "Are dragon fruit easy to grow at home?" - and fortunately the answer is yes. If you can grow your dragon fruit indoors, or the dragon fruit growing conditions are right for you outdoors, you can even grow your own dragon…

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